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Our Amazing Nurses!

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From health screenings to flu vaccines, CEC nursing students are gaining rewarding clinical experience working with elementary school students across the district while easing the workload of school nurses.

Click here to read the full article posted 10/21/14 on the APS website:  CEC Nurses in the Community

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About Nursing

The Career Enrichment Center has two Nursing programs - the 2-year Licensed Practical Nursing program and the 1-year Certified Nursing Assistant program.

CEC's Licensed Practical Nursing Program is a unique high school accredited program that prepares high school graduates for entry-level nursing practice. It is the only LPN program in New Mexico and the only such program for high school students in the country.

Nursing Instructors
Contact Constance Baker  Constance Baker LPN Nursing Program Director
Contact Catherine Baum  Catherine Baum LPN Nursing Instructor
Contact Margaret Hendrix  Margaret Hendrix LPN Nursing Instructor
Contact Donna Ketcheson  Donna Ketcheson LPN Nursing Instructor
Contact Patricia Kious  Patricia Kious LPN Nursing Instructor
Contact Samantha Seidel  Samantha Seidel LPN Nursing Instructor
Contact Amanda Valdez Androlewicz  Amanda Valdez Androlewicz LPN Nursing Clinical Coordinator
Contact Rebecca Weatherford  Rebecca Weatherford LPN Nursing Instructor, Perkins Grant Facilitator
Contact Kay Whitney  Kay Whitney Certified Nursing Assistant Program Director
Clinicals Instructors
Contact Caitlyn Amberg  Caitlyn Amberg Clinical Nursing
Contact Andrea Campos  Andrea Campos Clinical Nursing
Contact Jennifer Lovato  Jennifer Lovato Clinical Nursing
Contact Heather Rider  Heather Rider Clinical Nursing
Contact Katrina Roanhorse  Katrina Roanhorse Clinical Nursing
Contact Mikayla Salazar  Mikayla Salazar Clinical Nursing
Contact Patricia Schindler  Patricia Schindler Clinical Nursing
Contact Marquita Torres  Marquita Torres Clinical Nursing