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GenYES logoGrades: 10 -12

Recommended: Type at least 25 WPM

CNM Dual Credit Available: IT 1010 (3 CNM credits)   



Session Days Course Length Credit Information
Session III Mon & Weds Fall Semester only 0.5 Credit
Session III Mon & Weds Spring Semester only

IT 1010 (3 CNM Credits)

ACE (0.5 - 1.5 Depending upon completed TAPS)


Would you like to become a Student Technology Leader who can help students and teachers at your school? GenYes will provide you the opportunity to improve your knowledge of computer applications (software), computer hardware, and accessories.

  • Create multimedia presentations
  • Design websites
  • Use Microsoft Office to created brochures, presentations, and spreadsheets
  • Use open-source and proprietary software to edit sound, image, and video files
  • Install and configure computer operating systems
  • Install computer software and hardware
  • Organize and work on projects with other students to meet the needs of teachers and staff

GenYes is a student-centered, project-oriented course which provides students the opportunity to develop and enhance their interpersonal skills with the goal of becoming Student Technology Leaders (STLs). Students will work with teachers and other adult staff to provide technology support to enhance classroom lessons and parent/community communication. Students will become more sophisticated using computer applications, develop and practice the skills needed to organize and complete projects, practice interviewing techniques to successfully design and complete projects to meet their clients’ technology needs, and work with other students in short- and long-term projects.

GenYes is the first course in this new APS program.  Students may participate in this program from 1 to 3 years. During year 1, semester 1, the course introduces students to the national GenYes program and the Teacher Assistance Projects (TAPs ) which will be the basis for ACE credit in following semesters. During year 1, semester 2, students will have the opportunity to earn ACE credit and/or take CNM IT 1010 – Computer Concepts and Software Applications.  Years 2 and 3 provide multiple opportunities to learn through hands-on projects, work experience, and dual-credit introductory technology courses through CNM.

Year 1:

  • Fall Semester : GenYes
  • Spring Semester: ACE or IT 1010

Year 2:

  • Fall Semester: CIS 1410
  • Spring Semester: ACE or CNM Co-op or Internship (must be enrolled in CNM)

Year 3:

  • Fall Semester : ACE or CNM Co-op or Internship (must be enrolled in CNM)
  • Spring Semester: ACE or CNM Co-op or Internship (must be enrolled in CNM)
  • Running Start Internship with local community partners