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Activities at ECA

Students CANNOT enroll in core academic courses at other high schools, but they are allowed to participate in after school activities at their “home” high school. Students must go through the APS Activities Clearinghouse at City Center to participate.  See Activities Director at ECA or the home school for paperwork.

Welcome to ECA

About ECA

Preparing for the future, one student at a time, Early College Academy connects students to high-skill/high-wage careers through dual enrollment in college courses. Dual Enrollment is the centerpiece strategy to improve college access and the successful transition of students from secondary to post-secondary education.


ECA is NM'S Best HS!

The Early College Academy has been selected by the New Mexico Public Education Department as one of NM's BEST High Schools.  

What is NMBEST?

NMBEST or Bridging Effective practices and Schools Together is an expansive, modern digital resource library that bridges scientific research and proven practices for schools and districts to ensure smarter investment in decisions and interventions that promote student achievement.  This online digital clearinghouse provides easy to comprehend and usable guides to provide schools and school leaders the tools to help refine school practices or establish a turnaround effort in their schools to ensure success for all students.

Why was our school picked?

Early College Academy was part of an intricate and dedicated process to cull the best schools in New Mexico.  Blue Ribbon Schools, A schools, Reward Schools, and other indicators were chosen in PED's first sweep.  Schools were examined by demographics and longitudinal student achievement data.  As they conducted initial phone interviews, Early College Academy High School stood out amongst the rest.  Secondary interviews were conducted to further dive into our school’s practices and preliminarily match schools with our clearing house topics.  From schools interviewed and with this year’s school grades, NM BEST is moving forward to showcase our school and its practices to the entire state.

How does NM BEST plan on featuring our school?

They plan on showcasing our school in the following topics:

  • Maximizing Instructional time—High performing schools make every minute count.  This practice focuses on optimizing instructional time and minimizing non-instructional time to increase student achievement at the school and classroom levels. At ECA, this is a daily practice among teachers.
  • Response to Intervention (RtI)—The RtI framework is a continuum of school-wide decision making and support that seeks to maximize the odds of student success and contributes to overall comprehensive school improvement efforts.  This practice aims to provide schools effective use of core instruction and matching tailored interventions to individual needs.  At ECA, teachers strive to guide and assist students in achieving academic success.
  • Using Differentiation to Support All Learners—Effective differentiation starts with knowing students needs. This practice focuses on the use of data, ability grouping, monitoring student progress, and devising a cohesive school plan where all areas are in sync. At ECA, teachers mold instruction to maximize student success.

Student/Parent Expectations

The Early College Academy is a college preparatory school.  In order to provide students with a quality education that prepares them for college, the school’s staff values parent participation.  An ECA parent, my student and I understand that it is our responsibility to do the following:

Attendance, Grades, Student Participation

Student Participation:

  • Make sure my student attends school daily and arrives on time.
  • Notify the school of my student’s absences.
  • Monitor my student’s progress weekly through parentVUE in Synergy.
  • Emphasize my student’s positive participation in classroom activities.
  • Ensure that he/she participates in all school-related field trips and academic activities.
  • Ensure, if recommended, my student attends school-sponsored tutoring and/or intervention classes; including Lunchtime Support or/and Literacy and Math Strategies classes.
  • Encourage my student to participate in at least one structured extracurricular activity, as well as in internships and community service.

Parent Participation:

  • Ensure the school has current contact information including email address, phone numbers, address, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Stay informed about my student’s education by promptly reading all notices from the school and district.
  • Assist my student in developing a portfolio to assist with him/her with college and scholarship applications.
  • Participate in school-sponsored activities, such as Parent Nights, Open Houses, parent conferences, and Student-Led Conferences.
  • Work with the staff and my student to complete the Next-Step Plan, which maps out my student’s path to college.

Academic Support:

  • Supervise nightly study (2-3 hours per credit per week) in order to prepare for success in college.
  • Support my student’s healthy habits such as good nutrition, quality rest, regular exercise, etc.
  • Ensure my student participates in and is prepared for all state and school mandated tests.
  • Understand graduation requirements and ensure he/she meets them, including ECA’s dual credit, second language and Honors/AP requirement.
  • Ensure my student takes his/her core academic classes at ECA without exception.
  • If my student is failing one or more classes they will be required to attend a lunchtime academic support session.
  • Students may be recommended to participate in afterschool Literacy or Math strategies classes depending on need as demonstrated in placement testing, report cards/grades, SAT intervention, and/or academic progress.