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CEC Resources 

Support Staff

Patrick Arguelles

Assistant Principal:
Diane Thomas

LPN Nursing Director:
Rebecca Weatherford

Amanda Cortez

Alicia Faulds

Dean of Students:
Eileen Maddock

CEC Course Catalog Contents

This course catalog is subject to change depending upon budget and enrollment.

Registration for Spring 2023 CEC classes is open through January 13, 2023.
Registration for 2023-2024 CEC classes will begin January 6, 2023.
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Rev: Dec. 6, 2022

Table of Contents
General Information & Policies
CEC Time Schedule
CEC Calendar
Selection Process
Drop Policy
Grading Policies
Academic Dishonesty

CEC Dual Credit
CNM Dual Enrollment Process
UNM Dual Enrollment Process
IAIA Dual Enrollment Process
Dual Credit Reminders

Albuquerque Police Department (APD)
Police Service Aide Program
Allied Health Sciences
LPN Practical Nursing Program
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Nursing Assistant
Business and World Relations
Academic Career Experience (ACE)/Education Internship
Business Law
Economics with Financial Services Career Exploration
Economics and Government Online
Mythology and Folklore/College Prep Composition
UNM College Prep Program - Ethnic Studies:
• Comparative Global and Ethnic Studies
Chicano Studies
Chicano and Latino Musicul Cultures and Expressions
Career and Technical Education
Automotive Technology  I, II and III
Cosmetology Internship
• Esthetics
• Barbering
Education Professions Career Pathways
• Child Development
• Teacher Academy I
Computer Science & Engineering
CAD Engineering 1 (Engineering Design I)
Computer Science Programming
Cybersecurity and Web Programming
Electronics Engineering & Robotics I
Robotics II

Creative Media
Animation Advanced
Audio I and II
Digital Film Production I
Digital Film Production II
Digital Film Production III
Optical Illusion Art

Native American Classes
Native American Studies I and II/Econ-Govt
Native American Leadership
Navajo History and Govt
Navajo I and II

Science and Math Courses
Advanced Placement Calculus B/C
Advanced Placement Chemistry
Advanced Placement Physics C
Forensic Science
Medical Physics (Pre-Medical Science)
Veterinary Medicine

Special Education Classes
Twice Exceptional Classes

World Languages
Chinese I and II
Chinese III and IV
Chinese V and VI
AP Chinese
Chinese Bilingual Seal Support
French I and II
French III and IV
German I and II
German III and IV
Japanese I and II
Japanese III and IV
Japanese V and VI
Spanish I and II
Spanish III and IV
Spanish Language Arts I