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Our Amazing Nurses!

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From health screenings to flu vaccines, CEC nursing students are gaining rewarding clinical experience working with elementary school students across the district while easing the workload of school nurses.

Click here to read the full article posted 10/21/14 on the APS website

CEC Nurses in the Community

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About Nursing

CEC's Nursing Program is a unique high school accredited Licensed Practical Nursing Program that prepares graduates for entry-level nursing practice.

APS CEC PN Mission

In accordance with Albuquerque Public Schools, the Career Enrichment Center’s Practical Nursing Program’s mission is to enable qualified students from the Albuquerque’s  Comprehensive High Schools a unique opportunity to enter the nursing workforce as a competent beginner. The Career Enrichment Center’s PN nursing program prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills, moral and ethical principles that contribute to the development of nurses who provide quality nursing care and pursue lifelong learning.


APS CEC PN Program Foundational Concepts:

  • Caring: Caring practices are respectful, culturally and developmentally appropriate and enhance the mental, emotional and physical health of clients and their families.
  • Professionalism:  Strong morals and ethics and the commitment to always act in the best interests of their patients and within the healthcare venue in accordance with established standards for Practical Nursing.
  • Communication: Use of effective communication techniques in a variety of healthcare settings. Nursing Process Beginning competency in critical thinking using the nursing process, to provide safe, effective care in a wide variety of healthcare settings.
  • Safety: Effective approaches to collaborate and contribute to safe, quality care for individuals and families


Please fill out the graduate survey monkey before requesting your transcript.

Due to security and verification issues, it is not possible to request a transcript through this website. In order to request a transcript, you must first download, print, and fill out the form.

Fill out the Transcript Request Form

Then, you may either

  1. mail the completed form to:
        CEC Nursing Department, Transcripts
        807 Mountain Rd NE
        Albuquerque, NM 87102
  2. fax the completed form to: (505) 848-9421
  3. drop off the completed form at the CEC
  4. call the Career Enrichment Center (CEC) at (505) 247-3658 (If you call the CEC, you will have to give all of the information on the form.)