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Parents, students, and staff of CEC-

TESTING UPDATES:  PARCC scores we will be sent home through advisory today.  See this link for how to help interpret results.  PARCC Website:    

Also, ALL 10th graders will take the PSAT on Oct 24th and guides for that went home today with sophomores.  Interested 11th graders can take the PSAT see Ms Ramsey to get signed up.   PSAT – College Board Website:

SERVICE ACADEMIES: The US Service Academies will host an informational meeting at UNM Student Union Aug 29th from 6-8pm.  See attached flyer.

MIT:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology will host an informational night at Abq High in the Silver and Turquoise Room on Sept 17th at 6:30pm. 

DUAL CREDIT: Read the attached informational sheet regarding Dual Credit for high school students.  This is important information if your student is taking, or plans to take, any CNM, UNM, or IAIA class while in high school.

ACT TESTING: See attached flyer for info re: this year’s ACT test dates.  JUNIORS should plan to take the ACT or the SAT college entrance exams in the SPRING.   See your counselor if you qualify for FREE or Reduced Lunch for a FEE Waiver.

NCAA: Students who anticipate playing Division I or II sports in college need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at

OPEN HOUSE: Join us on Thursday Sept 12th from 5:45-7:00pm for our ECA/CEC Open House.  Parents can go through a mini-schedule of their students’ classes, here more about curriculum, expectations, and what is happening from their teachers, and meet the staff, students, and other parents of ECA and CEC. 

COLLEGE VISITS: The UNM visit has been moved to Sept 13that 9:30.  UNM will be available to talk about Housing, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and special programs. 

Also, NM Tech will be on campus outside the counseling office on Aug 29th at 9:30 to do an Onsite Admission with any interested Senior.  

COLLEGE FAIR: College Fair is being held at the Abq Convention Center on Sept 23rd from 12-3.   Meet representatives from over 150 colleges and attend workshops about how to make the most of college, paying for college, and college athletics.  This is a great and FREE opportunity to get your students looking at colleges, thinking about the process, and learning about different opportunities.  It is exciting and parents are welcome to attend as well.

UNM SENIOR DAY:  UNM will host its’ annual SENIOR DAY on Sept 29th from 8:00-2pm.  Students can get tours of the campus, hear presentations about Lobo life, attend a luncheon and an Information Fair- for free.  Participants must register after Aug 29th at

6 WEEK GRADING PERIOD: The first 6 week grading period ends Sept 21. 

NO SCHOOL: We will NOT have school Sept 3rd and Oct 11-12 for Fall Break.

HAUNTED HOUSE:  ECA/CEC will host a Haunted House on Oct 26th.  This is a great fundraiser for the school and a lot of fun for the students and staff of both ECA and CEC.  Parent volunteers and donations are greatly needed!!  Feel free to contact Mr Noriega at

PARENT AND STUDENT GRADE-VUE: PARENTVUE/STUDENTVUE is an important component of the school’s SYNERGY grading system in that parents will have real-time access to students’ grades, attendance, progress, and teacher communications.   Please be checking your student’s progress in their classes at and contact Ms Floryance, at if you are having problems with ParentVUE.  

TEACHER CONFERENCES:  Please be in touch with myself, or the Admin team, if you would like to schedule a meeting with your student's teachers.  

SCHEDULE CHANGES: Technically, students cannot make changes in schedules after the 10th day of a class.  We have tried to be more flexible with CEC classes and/or if students need to make a level change (i.e. moving from AP to regular or honors).   We have also made some changes to level out the size of some classes.   A student who wants to drop a class after the 10th day will receive a W/F in that class on their transcript, unless there are extenuating circumstances.   If your student is struggling in a class, please feel free to contact myself, or Ms Floryance at, to schedule a conference with a teacher.

AP EXPECTATIONS:  The expectation of any AP course is that a student can anticipate 2-3 hours of homework for each AP class every night.  Students get a weighted .025 added into their overall gpa for taking an AP class.

ATTENDANCE: Please call your student’s absences into our attendance line (x45400) and leave a message.  If your student will be out, or has been out, several days, please contact the attendance secretary Amanda Cortez at, or the teachers directly, to request any homework.  Please also request a note from your doctor.  Teacher emails are listed in the student agendas AND on the website at

SCHOOL DONATIONS: Thank you to parents who are willing to make donations to the school.  These funds help support school activities, dances, fun nights, field trips, banquets, assemblies, etc.  An envelope box is located at the front desk in the office if you would like to contribute and will available at Open House as well.

That’s a lot of info…sorry.  Fall is such a beautiful time of year in NM and the school year has started out fast and positive!!    See below some scholarship info.  We hope that your student is settling into school- and thriving...please be in touch.

Lynn Ramsey

Lynn C. Ramsey, MA, LMHC

Albuquerque Public Schools

Counselor- Career Enrichment Center/Early College Academy  •  247-3658 x45595

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"    Mary Oliver



DATE: Early Sept 2018: Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship: seniors only. $1,000. Detailed application, requires essay & recommendation! Deadline is always in early September, this is open to ALL seniors, and one student is usually selected from each APS high school, so apply! As of today, Martin Luther King Multicultural Council's website has not been updated but keep checking:

DUE DATE: Sept. 27, 2018: Quest Bridge National College Match.  Seniors with outstanding grades & test scores + lower income backgrounds (typically households earning less than $65,000/yr. for a family of four, and often less). Fantastic opportunity. See website for details and application, and to see if you qualify. JUNIORS: SEE MARCH DUE DATES FOR JUNIORS' VERSION!

October 6, 2018: AES Scholarship. $500. Seniors only. Brief essay on topic: When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful? What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey?  Submit essay to  There is no application packet for this award. Be sure to include your full name as well as the name of the school you are attending this year and your plans for next year. Details at:  Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of character, as determined by essay.

DUE DATE: October 15, 2018:  Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards:  Students apply for grants of varying $$$ in several categories: education, business, healthcare & science, media & entertainment, STEM, and community service.   Eligibility: Must be graduating in Spring 2019; Must have at least an unweighted 3.0 GPA; Be of Hispanic Heritage (includes Spain, Brazil, Philippines); Planning to enroll full-time in a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited higher education institution in the fall directly after HS graduation; If selected, must attend the regional ceremony. Travel to the ceremony will be at the recipient’s expense; Completed online application including a letter of recommendation, transcript and essay questions; Be a Permanent Resident, DACA, U.S. Citizen or Eligible Non-Citizen.

DUE DATE: Oct. 17, 2018 (for Phase 1): Wendy's Heisman Scholarship: senior student-athletes with 3.0 GPA & community involvement only; application/competition has several phases and requires HS staff nomination; can be $1,000/$5,000/$10,000.

DUE DATE: October 25, 2018:  Horatio Alger Scholarship (106 Awards - $25,000). Seniors only, must be U.S. citizen. Assists students who have demonstrated integrity, perseverance in overcoming adversity, strength of character, financial need ($55,000 or lower), a good academic record (2.0 min.), commitment to pursue a college education, and a desire to contribute to society.  See attached flyer.

Posted by: Susan Estell
Published: 8/29/18

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Dear Parents and Guardians of ECA and CEC Students,
     This Thursday and Friday we will be having Student-Led Conferences (SLCs) at all APS high schools including ECA and CEC. For Early College Academy, each Advisory Teacher should have already scheduled a SLC with a parent or guardian. We have been working with students to prepare them to facilitate their own SLC and explain to their parents how they are doing in school and what their goals are for the future. ECA parents are asked to sign their student’s Next Step Plan (NSP) after their conference. For students in Career Enrichment Center classes, we have asked all teachers to hold Office Hours on Thursday or Friday. Those hours can be accessed by clicking here: CEC TEACHER OFFICE HOURS FOR SLC.
     We also want to note that there will be no classes on Thursday and Friday. In addition, there will be no school bus service to ECA or CEC. The building will be open from 7:00am to 5:00pm each day unless other arrangements have been made with your student’s teacher.
     Finally, and most importantly, we would like to assure you that we take seriously our responsibility to ensure the well-being of your child every day; the safety of our students is our top priority and we have a comprehensive site safety plan in place to help avoid a tragedy like the school shooting in a Broward County, Florida high school that took the lives of 18 innocent students and adults.  We have worked extensively with APS Police, APD Police, the Fire Department and other professional organizations to craft a safety plan for our school to handle every emergency situation. We regularly practice our safety procedures with students and staff at various times of the day so that each CEC session will go through a Shelter-in-place or Lockdown practice and so that every period in ECA will also practice our procedures. Our plan was just reviewed and updated to take into account what happened in Florida and to take measures to avoid a similar occurrence on our campus. We have also asked our teachers to discuss with students the importance of taking these drills seriously and to also have open and frank conversations about what they can do in the event of an emergency. While no amount of planning can guarantee that a tragedy such as the Florida shooting will not occur, we are doing everything we possibly can to keep students and staff safe while at school.
     Our commitment to the safety and security of your child doesn’t stop with a site safety plan. We have gone to one point of entry into ECA/CEC, we require visitors to check in at the front desk, we will issue visitor’s badges to all guests on our campus, and we also constantly and consistently monitor the surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout our campus. We have two security officers who patrol the grounds and parking lot, monitor bus traffic, and keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place on campus. We also have many staff members who monitor halls and open areas and help with checking in guests and providing visitor’s passes. We go above and beyond the minimum district requirements for fire drills, lock downs and shelters-in-place. Each drill is timed, evaluated and approved by our administration team in partnership with district police personnel from our partner high school next door. We also utilize an emergency alert system (schoolmessenger) to communicate with parents and guardians in the event of an emergency. In this day of social media and instant communication, parents will likely read a text or post from their student prior to hearing from the school. We are committed to communicating as fast as possible, but it is equally important to communicate the facts. In the event of a practice lock down or shelter-in-place, we will communicate the event through schoolmessenger. In the event of an actual emergency, the school and district may send several notifications through the emergency alert system as the situation unfolds and more facts become clear. The district may also choose to use its official website, twitter or Facebook page to relay vital information. It is important to remain patient and calm in these instances as you await communication and instructions from the school district. Parents should refrain from calling or traveling to the school during times of emergencies.
     We also have an incredible resource in our dedicated students, and we actively promote a culture where everyone has a responsibility to be vigilant and focused on the safety of everyone on our campus. Our students know they can come to any adult on campus to report any concern and it will be taken seriously and dealt with swiftly. We also want you to talk with your student about what is going on. Acknowledge the events that have occurred and listen to their fears and concerns; maybe share your own. If your child needs support, let us know. If you feel there is something we need to know, please reach out. While no one anticipates that such a tragedy could occur in their community, I am comforted by the work we do to maintain ECA and CEC as a safe learning community. Our top priority is the safety, security and well-being of all students and staff. Our collaboration and communication with students, staff, family and community will ensure that our campus will remain a safe and secure learning environment.
     Here are some things you can do to prepare for emergencies:

Please remember that violence isn't just a school problem or a law enforcement problem or a gun control issue. This is a community issue that demands the involvement and collaboration of all to prevent, respond, and help each other through it. As parents, family members, friends and neighbors, we all play an important role in supporting one another and speaking up when someone may be in need or when something does not seem quite right. We urge you to access the school counselor or social worker if your student needs additional support. Here at ECA and CEC we have a vibrant and active facility filled with motivated students and experienced teachers, and we have implemented many common-sense safeguards to increase the security of our buildings.
     Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety at ECA and CEC, please do not hesitate to call me directly.
Thank you for your support and thank you for sending your child to our amazing school!
     Patrick Arguelles

Posted by: Susan Estell
Published: 2/28/18

Audience: Early College Academy, Homepage, Early College Academy and Homepage


Please be mindful that ECA/CEC has a small parking lot and has to share space and traffic flow with CEC students, staff, and ABQ High traffic.  Please pull into the lot and follow the flow of traffic to the right (clockwise).  Please pull as far forward as you can when dropping a kiddo off and try to pull off to the side so folks can get around you.  Swiftness helps too, so please have those conversations about after school activities, plans, homework, etc., before pulling up so your student can get out quickly and cars can keep moving.  

When pulling out of the ECA/CEC lot, only right hand turns are allowed.

The intersection of the frontage road and Mountain experiences about an accident a week.  Many times, the accidents we witness are serious - and scary.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL.  We have called the city, the county, the mayor’s office, the news stations, etc., and nothing has been done about it although it’s been a dangerous intersection for years!  Avoid it when you can - or at least be cautious - especially when pulling out across the frontage road from under the overpass.

Posted by: Susan Estell
Published: 9/21/17