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For purposes of this procedural directive, “attendance” means students who are in class or in a school-approved activity. If a student is in attendance up to one half the total ...more

About ECA

The Early College Academy (ECA) is a college-prep magnet high school and sister school to the Career Enrichment Center (CEC) that focuses on college preparation. Classes are offered to 200 students in a small school environment.  ECA classes are scheduled in the morning so that students may take CEC, UNM, or CNM classes in the afternoon. UNM and CNM classes may apply toward an associate or university degree.

ECA’s small-school environment offers students an intimate and personalized college-readiness learning experience. We believe in an academic focus, paralleling a college-level curriculum, and we encourage our students to start their post-secondary work while still in high school.

Is the ECA right for you? The Early College Academy is a match if you have:

  • an interest in a challenging curriculum
  • a history of successful completion of Language Arts and Mathematics classes
  • a willingness to complete 2-3 hours of nightly homework
  • a preference for small class sizes
  • an interest in career exploration (internships, apprenticeships or vocational courses)
  • the drive to complete college coursework while still in high school
  • an interest in the individualization of a smaller school environment
  • an interest in personalized college admissions support

Expectations of an ECA Parent

The Early College Academy is a college preparatory school.  In order to provide students with a quality education that prepares them for college, the school’s staff values parent participation.  As an ECA parent, my student and I understand that it is our responsibility to do the following:


Attendance, Grades, Student Participation

  • Make sure my student attends school daily and arrives on time.
  • Notify the school of my student’s absences.
  • Monitor my student’s progress weekly through parentVUE in Synergy.
  • Emphasize my student’s positive participation in classroom activities.
  • Ensure that he/she participates in all school-related field trips and academic activities.
  • Ensure, if recommended, that my student attends school-sponsored tutoring and/or intervention classes; including LSA (Lunchtime Support for Academics) and/or Literacy and Math Strategies classes offered in the afternoon.
  • Encourage my student to participate in at least one structured extracurricular activity, as well as in internships and community service.

Parent Participation

  • Ensure the school has current contact information including email address, phone numbers, address, emergency contacts, etc.
  • Stay informed about my student’s education by promptly reading all notices from the school and district.
  • Assist my student in developing a portfolio to assist him/her with college and scholarship applications.
  • Participate in school-sponsored activities, such as Parent Nights, Open Houses, parent conferences, and Student-Led Conferences.
  • Work with the staff and my student to complete the Next-Step Plan, which maps out my student’s path to college and provides guidance to ensure college and career readiness.

Academic Support

  • Supervise nightly study (2-3 hours per credit per week) in order to prepare for success in college and career.
  • Support my student’s healthy habits such as good nutrition, quality rest, regular exercise, etc.
  • Ensure my student participates in and is prepared for all state and school mandated tests, not limited to PARCC, i-Ready, SBA, EOC, and Accuplacer for College Admission.
  • Understand graduation requirements and ensure he/she meets them, including ECA’s dual credit, second language and Honors/AP requirement.
  • Ensure my student takes ALL his/her core academic classes at ECA without exception.
  • Ensure that my student enroll in and complete with a C or better a minimum of 12 Dual Credit hours through an approved post-secondary institution. These classes can be completed on site at ECA, at the college campus, or on-line (if available).
  • If my student is failing one or more classes they will be required to attend lunchtime academic support sessions until grade is brought up to a C or better.
  • Students may be recommended to participate in afterschool Literacy or Math Strategies classes depending on need as demonstrated in placement testing, report cards/grades, SAT intervention, and/or academic progress.

Academic Integrity and Honor Code

The Administration, Staff, and Students of the Early College Academy fully support and believe in academic and intellectual integrity.  Therefore;

  • Students will only submit authentic work, unless properly cited for its source.
  • Students will complete their own homework and assignments and not share their work with other students to be replicated or copied.
  • Students will report academic misconduct.
  • Students will be disciplined, according to ECA policy, for cheating, plagiarism, or other forms of academic misconduct.

SCHOOL CODE: 320-120

807 Mountain Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102 (map)
Phone: 247-3658 or 878-6181
Fax: 848-9421

Enrollment: 213
Location Code: 593
Colors: Blue, Kelly Green, Black
Mascot: Elements


  • 203 students (59-9th grade, 47-10th grade, 48-11th grade, 49-12th grade)

  • 41 % FRLP

  • 40 IEP students (10 disability-30 Gifted)

  • 4 ELL students

  • 30% 1st generation college going

  • 60% 4 year college- 40% 2 year college

  • 53% Hispanic, 37% Caucasian, 4% Asian, 6% other

  • 54% female- 46% male

  • 25.2 avg ACT score (19.9 state-20.8 nation)

  • ECA/CEC offers 9 AP courses: US History, English Lang/Lit, English Lang/Comp, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chinese, Physics C, Econ, Govt

  • Grading Scale= 4.0 A, 3.0 B, 2.0 C, 1.0 D (additional .025 added to overall GPA for each AP/Honors course)

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